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Ages 8-11: Magewarts School of Magic Pack

This package combines all three of our Magewarts camps into one mega-camp experience!  Begin with Magewarts Academy, where your child will be sorted into our exclusive Magewarts School if Magic before learning to make potions, cast spells with their very own wand, and unlock the secrets of the cosmos  Next, Magewarts Magical Creatures will have witches and wizards tame dragons, summon genies, and catch fairies in their own backyards. Finally Magewarts Magic & Science will teach wizards the secrets behind their favorite magic tricks; watch as they learn how to reveal invisible messages, divine the future and more! Complete with a magical compendium where kids can write down all their newfound magical knowledge, the Magewarts Series has everything your child needs to become a bonafide spellcaster!

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Course Code: ASAM202