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Bromeliads and Friends - Online

If you've ever visited a rainforest, you may well have noticed an abundance of plants growing on the branches of large trees!  Plants that grow this way are referred to as epiphytes (or sometimes as "air plants") and this included a great many plants in the bromeliad family.  Have you ever eaten a pineapple?  That's a bromeliad too!  Have you ever admired the Spanish moss hanging from oak trees in the deep south?  That's also a bromeliad!  This is a diverse and fascinating group of plants many of which can be cultivated as houseplants.  They have a beautiful foliage, beautiful flowers, and while some of them are famously difficulty to grow, there are abundant species that are actually quite easy if you simply know how to treat them. This will be a very colourful and interesting class for the houseplant enthusiast who is looking for something "just a bit different".

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