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Communications (MGCC) - Part 2 - Online

Think about the greatest story you've ever read or the best speech you've ever heard.  What made it unforgettable?  Effective communication is a process that involves both the head and the heart.  Communications is a hybrid course with an online and live session component.  Please complete the online session (Part 1) before attending the live sessions (Part 2)  Note:  you'll need to complete the learning styles handout from the online portion of this course and bring the handout with your completed results to the live session.

Part 2:  In this interactive workshop, we'll explore communication as a process that draws on an understanding of yourself as well as your message.  We'll explore how to avoid common errors in miscommunication and how to improve your intercultural communication and listening skills.  We'll go through the basics of planning and effectively communicating a message by designing a gardening workshop together based on four learning styles.


Communications - Part 1 is a Pre-requisite for this course.

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Course Code: AGHTC518-2