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Plant Diagnostics for the Home Gardener

Master Gardeners are often faced with the question: "What's wrong with my plant?"  Plant Diagnostics teaches students approaches to analyzing and diagnosing plant problems that go beyond looking at just insects and diseases.  Students will learn to apply their knowledge about garden fundamentals, botany, plant physiology, diseases, insects and disorders to plant diagnosis.  Case studies are used to illustrate the process and the pitfalls of diagnostics.  Students will come away with practical strategies for where to look for answers when something goes wrong with a plant.

Garden Fundamentals is a prerequisite for this course.

You have one year from the course registration date to complete the course on CANVAS, as well as other previously registered Master Gardner courses you are registered in.

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Required Co-Requisites

  • AGHT GARDEN FDMNTLS - AGHT Garden Fdmntls  (1 of the following)
    • AGHTC902 82021Z GFIS - Garden Fundamentals (MGCC) - Online 
    • AGHTC902 2020Z GFIS - Garden Fundamentals (MGCC) - Independent Study 
    • AGHTC902 2019Z GFIS - Garden Fundamentals (MGCC) - Independent Study 
    • AGHTC902 2018Z GFIS - Garden Fundamentals (MGCC) - Independent Study 
    • AGHTC902 2017Z GFIS - Garden Fundamentals (MGCC) - Independent Study 
    • AGHTC902 2016Z GFIS - Garden Fundamentals (MGCC) - Independent Study 
    • HW427-1A 2019B 1A-MG - Garden Fundamentals (MGCC) 
    • HW478-1A 2020B GF - Garden Fundamentals (MGCC) 
    • HW377-1A 2018C 1A-MG - Garden Fundamentals (MGCC) 
    • HW319-1A 2017C 1A - 1A - Garden Fundamentals (MGCC) 
    • HW230-1A 2016C 1A - 1A - Garden Fundamentals (MGCC) 
    • AGHTC902 2022Z GF-OL - Garden Fundamentals (MGCC) - Online 
    • AGHTC503 2018B GF-WKD - Garden Fundamentals (MGCC) 
    • AGHTC500 2022Z PLAR-MG - Prior Learning Assessment Recognition-MG 
    • AGHTC503 2015B GF - Garden Fundamentals (MGCC) 
    • CEHT503 2011A 2MGCGFR - Garden Fundamentals (MGCC) - Regina 
    • AGHTC902 2023Z GF-OL - Garden Fundamentals (MGCC) - Online 

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Course Code: AGHTC516